Enter caller’s mobile phone number with country code






Web Emergency Locator Pro

  • Live Map: Echo112 calls are automatically displayed on the map, no more need to manually enter the caller’s phone number
  • SMS locator: for all other calls, an SMS can be sent to locate the user (one click)
  • Location data can be pushed to local emergency dispatch software
  • «Swiss Responders» : first national responder network coming live this summer
Contact us for more info: info@ubiquehealth.ch

The Pocket Livesaver

Echo112 is a free lifesaving smartphone app that sends your location to local emergency services, worldwide

  • In case of emergency, launch the app and it will automatically know in which country you are in
  • Echo112 will then select and call the correct local emergency number
  • Your position is sent to the emergency operator who will be able to see where you are


  • Display of nearby address and coordinates
  • Demo function
  • No data? No problem: your location is sent by SMS
  • Field tested by Swiss Emergency services for the last four years, now available worldwide
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